Who was worse?

The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

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princess di, prince charles and myth

The (popularly told yet false) story of Caligula got to Prince Charles’ impressionable mind. So he got as close as he could and married a horse, raising himself to mythical stature.

There are no human beings. No definition exists. We’re unique. Life is a work in progress and animals aren’t at a discrete distance from each other. Even were there a working definition of a ‘human being’, prince charles is clearly not one. His looks give him away.

Princess di lived a real-life fairy tale, a mythical existence.
Plucked from relative obscurity, transformed into a princess and then trapped in a palace, imprisoned by her stature and suffering the indignity of having the man who put her on a pedestal – the one which would end up killing her – cheat on her with a horse. She was doomed.
She remained a celebrity, and therefore a princess after her divorce (celebrity being royalty) but the palace can’t be so easily escaped and the myth not at all. The price of leaving the palace was death; the inevitable conclusion, the third act of a story that waited patiently for her to rush into.

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loops in time

‘from first to last, ariadna’s story is woven into a crown’

Time has loops. Pictures that fold.

Someone named Sven, a friend of mine once, dumps a revolver into a public trash-can in England. Years later, in a different country, he goes to a public trash-can and pulls out a dog. Only an idiot would deny the extricated dog isn’t the gun he threw in.

Years ago a wolf came so close and looked at nini, an ex-gf and at me in the desert. I now know the wolf was me in the future, coming in a different guise. All I/him really wanted, so scared and cast out is the fish next to the other me, who shone a light in my face.

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federer murray shanghai

An overwhelming desire a and difficult to pull off scheme, following Murray back to Scotland and once he’s at home, knocking him down to the ground and then repeatedly kicking him in his head!

I guess a great many people felt that way inclined.. Had to stop myself and remember that Murray was only a frontman,  a prop! Another match where Federer faces himself. One arm behind is back. Terrible feelings.

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“What’s on your mind?” facebook asks.

‎”What’s on your mind?” facebook asks. Well, on my mind is: What if Kurt Cobain came back but in Michael Jackson’s body? Would we see michael jackson in a massive arena, surrounded by 200000 fans, dudes and bimboettes harshly sing “In the someday, what’s that sound?”? Would it with wailing guitars or just another disco song?
Or if michael jackson returned in kurt’s body, and when everyone stands breathlessly crowded and sweaty waiting to hear a raspy Nirvana song, his voice would yelp “I’m bad, I’m bad”?

I wonder.. can someone be brainwashed into believing he’s someone else? Could either one of them have been brainwashed to believe they’re the other? Just how authentic would Kurt have been as Michael? What sort of music would he have made?

Brainwashing.. nlp? hypnosis planting in memories and associations, pleasurable ones following from imagined choices to give these memories life? Endless repetition?

If anyone here has helpful knowledge of how to brainwash someone and to what extent, please comment!

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It’s not just any curiosity that killed that cat

Is it the intensity or the type of curiosity?

Mostly, we’re too bored to develop a long, lingering curiosity. We won’t even catch a cold.

Listen to Kurt Cobain singing”in the someday what’s that sound?”.

It blows me. I listen and think this question is worth dying for!

Kurt listened more intently, was more curious.

Some questions have sentries around their gates.

You’ll die not knowing. Or in others, curiosity will carry you – alive – to its answer beyond life.

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Did you know? Existential dread is now available in 7mg tablets

It’s marketed under the name “Percocet”. Just swallow one or two doses of existential dread. This is puzzling: On the one hand, you’ll want to die. On the other, you’ll fear you will.

On the plus side, a blessed side-effect is that it also acts as a pain-killer.

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